Here Comes The Bride

Here goes my first ever Blog…so a subject close to my heart is a great place to start.

There’s a certain element of pride in having pulled off the impossible.  At least I thought we were faced with an impossible task, when my daughter announced in December that her wedding date was to be seven months later.  Okay, so we were not the first family to go through this particular exercise.  Perhaps a potentially daunting task wouldn’t come even close to some weddings that spiral out of control.   Each is unique, as is each bank account.

My daughter assured me that she would like to have a small wedding.  I truly believe that we mean what we say (when we say it) but when the pen is put paper the list grows and grows and…you get the picture I’m sure.  A garden wedding was envisioned.  We would make all the food and do all the work ourselves, but it might rain, so perhaps a marquis would be a wise investment.  Investment isn’t quite what came to mind when the nice man said “between 2-4 thousand dollars should cover it, and then you have the catering and…….”.  Sorry, I don’t care how big the umbrella is, it’s not worth that much money.  The tent concept was toast.

The guest list was almost complete, but we couldn’t exclude the option of a “plus one”, so the invitations read “and guest”.  Then of course there were the obligatory invitations to those the Bride and Groom never knew existed.  And so the list doubled.  Where would we have this small wedding?  With all these people it would be too much work if we tackled it ourselves.  Fingers crossed, all invitations may not be accepted.  At this point when we heard of couples becoming singles we were quietly relieved.  However, we soon learned that hearts quickly mend.  In order to prevent an embarrassing situation, a new guest’s guest’s name was submitted to replace the former guest’s guest’s name.  Are you with me so far?

It would be a church wedding after all.  After some research and much discussion we reserved a marvellous venue for the reception.  So, what do we want to do about food?  Buffet was out, sit down dinner was in.  The wedding cake (white cake with Bavarian cream) turned out to be a work of art and the soon to be bride and groom decided to serve it as desert.  Do we have a host or cash bar?  We decided on cash bar and served red and white wine with dinner, champagne for the toast and non-alcoholic punch for tea-totallers.  Who will record this magnificent occasion?  Which music will grace our ears?  I suppose we will have to dress appropriately!  Oh, and there will have to be a flower or two, and we must have a balloon archway (with lights)…!!

All of the aforementioned was accomplished.  It was a truly beautiful wedding.  The bride was exquisite and the groom was exceedingly handsome (speaking from a totally unbiased standpoint).  From beginning to end great pleasure was derived from the preparation of my daughter’s wedding.  I also learned that a good sense of humour is invaluable in times of stress.

There are people in the service industry whose goal is to ensure that your event is a huge success (even after the cheque has gone through and the cash is in their hot little hands).  The staff at the reception were a pleasure to work with.  The meal was superb and the chef was an angel, always ensuring that she checked with us on every detail even during the reception.

Happy memories, and now three beautiful Grandchildren later…looking to the future…more weddings to prepare for.


3 thoughts on “Here Comes The Bride”

  1. talesbysylvia said:

    Hi Irene, Well done. I remember the wedding and it was lovely. Yes, all those things do add up but hopefully only done once so they are worth it. Dave, Dan and Chris’ weddings were all with good intentions also. Deb’s was the only one that had a budget and kept to it.

  2. Yeah Murphy…you shouldn’t have gone so crazy! 😉

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